Béatrice NIVOIS

Directrice de l'unité documentaire de France O

Case History: as a bonus Time once by me on a 90 'format we want to write the pages of the Forgotten History of France.
Case Discovery: as a bonus Time on formats of 52 'or 110' are the territories told by their mountains their shores their intangible or architectural heritage but of course also by their inhabitants.
Case Investigations: As a bonus Time on formats of 52 'or 70' we are looking for company surveys concerning territories their borders or neighboring countries.
Case Archipeles: on formats of 52 'this weekly event tells the contemporary life of the territories we are looking for documentaries of society.
Case Arts and Culture: This is a new meeting that highlights the heritage, resources and new habits of the territories.
Case Music and various arts: it is an event box on formats of 52 or more the documentaries highlight the musical and artistic genres of the territories.